Remove the clutter, open to Opportunity

December 10, 2009 at 3:28 PM | Posted in opportunities | 2 Comments
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I’ve been busy removing clutter from my office. Things that have accumulated from previous roles seemed to be everywhere. Information I am no longer using, or that could be found in electronic form was taking up space where new information could go.

I’ve found that when I remove clutter from a space, or from my mind, I open up to numerous opportunities. There is something about creating a blank space that allows creativity to flow. If I’m no longer focusing on something in that space it seems that something else something with new positive power and forward momentum always fills it up.

Recently I let go of many of the ‘shoulds’ I heard I just HAD to do to have a successful business. The immediate affect was a sense of relief, a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I was no longer trying to live up to what everyone else said I ‘should’ do, instead I was finding the things that worked for ME and putting them into action.

Guess what happened? I felt great and business improved! And continues to improve!

As a speaker and a coach, even as an entrepreneur, authenticity is so important to how we are received by others. How authentic can you be if you are always working on someone else’s ‘shoulds’?

Now, I’m doing the yearly office cleaning. Opening space for new information, new opportunities, new growth!

Out with the Old. I am so grateful for what the Old has taught me, how it has focused my business, and what I learned from it. I am ready to take those learnings and move forward to new opportunities. Are you?



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  1. Hey, ok, I get it, I guess – but does this really work?

    • It really works. Allow space for new ideas and they really do come to you. Be patient and relax. Know that it will happen.

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