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After 5 years of marriage, I finally listened to my inner voice, and I divorced. The divorce was a key turning point in my life. Everything before was the prologue; this pointed my feet toward the path I tread today. I viewed my marriage and myself as a failure. I certainly didn’t want to repeat those mistakes. I consciously determined that I must learn from what has transpired. I stopped floating along and started living a life I chose.

I decided to start over, to create a life that was truly mine; that wasn’t lived through the lens of the ‘shoulds’ I had heard throughout my life. Twelve months were spent practicing self-introspection, and developing self-awareness like never before. It wasn’t a ‘fun’ year- but it was one of the most productive of my life. I emerged a stronger person, I had a belief and confidence in myself I never had before. I can identify with anyone who has struggled with loss in his or her life and wants to rise like a phoenix.

I was so empowered that I moved 400 miles from my hometown, no job, almost no money, and an apartment rented over the Internet. I had an incredible sense of optimism and was quickly rewarded with a great job. Working for a Fortune 100 technology company I learned about the nitty gritty operations that keep companies moving and the big picture required to grow and thrive as a corporation.

I cultivated a perspective that allowed me to see ‘the forest through the trees’. A skill I use today with clients and encourage my clients to learn. Viewing strength, opportunities and challenges from a higher level changes your perspective and gives you the long range view to make significant positive change. It’s a skill anyone can use, whether you are a speaker, author, entrepreneur or coach since we are all running a business.

I took with me into the corporate environment a strong belief in collaboration and teamwork. In addition, I learned:
• ethics and integrity are very important to me;
• operating daily from a place of love and respect is essential for success;
• the good a company does for their employees, shareholders, community and world is more important than the individual ego;
• ego-less leadership is important at all management and work levels; and
• integrating inner renewal into my daily life has multiple benefits.

These are values familiar to most of us. However, from my experience and from conversations with others I find they are values not generally rewarded in the business environment. Learning to integrate and use those values is the key to how beneficial they are to you in any environment.

I realized the values I cherished were not fully supported, and knew I had to leave my cushy Fortune 100 position. Thus started another period of soul searching. I understood that what I enjoy is coaching people through challenges, sharing new ideas and approaches, helping you get to the ‘A-ha!’ moment and remain accountable to your dreams.

I decided to live what I love. I completed a Coaching Certification and left the Fortune 100 company to coach, speak and write. I help clients become more successful in business or relationships by helping you understand how and why you react to a situation, and how your management or leadership style affects others.

Together, we focus on how to better manage and direct your business and personal life, expand your audience, build on your leadership abilities and capture your dreams!

I bring everything I have learned and continue to learn to my work with you. I am incredibly privileged to share my gifts with you as you share your knowledge as an entrepreneur, community or company leader, speaker or author with others.

I look forward to supporting you!


Jennifer Conaway, CTACC

Your Next Level, Inc.


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