What Clients Are Saying…

“Jennifer is great at helping me define and implement strategies for growth. She supports my strengths. Her guidance keeps me on track with my long-term goals while implementing action steps in an organized fashion. Jennifer has been key in helping me expand my comfort zone- she gently points out areas for growth, helps me work on those areas and holds me accountable. I respect her professional interpersonal abilities. She communicates in an honest, tactful, and respectful manner. When challenges arise, she’s proactive in assisting in defining solutions. She has truly helped me understand the business of my business. She has given me the support to expand in ways that benefit me personally and my business. I’m definitely more confident as a small business owner because of her attributes and dedication.”

Suzette Faith Foster, Thr!ve Now!

“I enjoyed working with Jennifer. Her presence was insightful and energetically supportive. She was very helpful and had good suggestions.”

AH, Durham NC

“I wanted to thank you for serving as our featured speaker at yesterday’s lunch & learn.  We had one of the most well attended sessions!  The feedback was great and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.”

Danielle Kaspar, IOM

Director of Programming & Events

Greater DurhamChamber of Commerce


“I wanted to write to thank you for co-facilitating parts of our workshops in New Jersey. I was impressed by the high level of creativity you applied to your presentations. Your ability to engage participants in some of the activities was very helpful. Overall, your contribution has made the success of the workshops possible. I look forward to future collaborations.”

Francois Basili, President

HumaNext LLC


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